Daoist Training


2Private Daoist Training Classes

For those individuals who cannot make it to the seminars, private instruction is available through several of Professor Johnson’s Senior Disciples. The following is a list of individuals currently studying with Professor Johnson and available for private classes via Skype:


DSCN0049Daoist Training Seminars


At the Tian Yun Gong (Temple of the Celestial Cloud), seminars are periodically taught according to the specific needs of the students.  Once a Year, Professor Johnson will come out of retirement and teach a 3-5 Day seminar to the public.

The time, dates, and subject content of the seminar will be posted at this location.

Unless specified, these unique seminars will be available to all students.


FEature Celestial MasterPrevious Daoist Training Seminars


The Following are specific examples of the previous Daoist Seminars taught to the public by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson. Each year that a Daoist Seminar was taught, is followed by a short description of the subject covered, and the information that was presented.