Neigong (Internal Skill) Classes

Professor Jerry Alan Johnson will begin to teach “Neigong” (Internal Skill) Classes in Monterey; starting August the 4th.

These special weekly classes will be taught each Friday evening; from 7:00pm-9:00pm. And the cost of the course will be $200.00 per each month.

Their are three primary stages to the Neigong Training that Dr. Johnson will be teaching; including “Obvious Power (Body) Training,” “Hidden Power (Energy) Training,” and “Transforming Power (Spirit/Heart & Mind) Training.”

In the special Neigong System that Sifu Jphnson will be teaching, there are 64 Stages, corresponding to the 64 Trigrams of the Yi-Jing; traditionally divided into three important levels, described as follows:

  • The 16 Internal Principles: In this special training, important techniques will be taught that emphasize harmonizing and utilizing the energy of the body, breath, and mind;
  • The 40 Energetic Functions: In this special training, the students will learn how to master the energetic applications of Rooting, Sticking, Listening, Outreaching, Enveloping, Borrowing, Neutralizing, and Splitting, etc.
  • The 8 Metaphysical Applications: This specific training emphasizes the supernatural energetic manifestations that the student developed while performing the previous trainings.

In order to Master the Neigong Skill, it usually takes between 2.5 – 3 years of dedicated training. Because this course will not be repeated, all students are therefore encouraged to take notes – and no Filming or Audio Recording will be allowed.

All final graduates will receive certification as “Neigong (Internal Arts) Masters;” and will also be promoted out, so that they may teach their own Neigong Classes in the future.

Because the purpose of this special class is to pass the information along to the next generation of Internal Arts Masters – All individuals are welcome…

Email Dr. Johnson at: in order to register for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Space is limited, a registration deposit of $100.00 is required to reserve your place; with the balance due before class begins on the August, 4th.

Deposits may be paid via Paypal