Private Classes offered by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson

Are no longer available to the public.


Dr. Johnson @ Longhu Shan 1

Senior Abbot Jerry Alan Johnson

Private classes with Professor Johnson are no longer available to the public. All who wish to apply for private instruction are encouraged to submit their personal qualifications to one of Professor Johnson’s Senior Disciples.

All private courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complex energetic structures, theories, and practical applications of ancient Chinese Energetics. This esoteric teaching may also include the various domains of Daoist Martial Arts, Esoteric Daoist Medicine, and Daoist Mystical practices, depending on each disciple’s training, innate talents, and personal goals and experiences.

Student Qualifications

All lessons taught by Professor Johnson’s Senior Disciples include traditional Daoist teachings and practices designed to assist each student in understanding the various course materials. Each student will enter into a program on a probationary time period of six months. The completion of the probationary time period is NOT an entitlement to Initiation as a Tudi (Disciple). Rather, it is a condition pursuant thereto. If accepted, the “Apprentice Candidate” who is considered for formal Initiation, will be expected to pass a proficiency examination, and provide a demonstration of the knowledge of the information that they have received.