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Mízōngquán (迷蹤拳); literally “Lost Track Fist” or “Labyrinthine Boxing” is a style of Northern Chinese Shaolin Gongfu fighting system, based on deception and mobility. Mizongquan is considered to be a powerful internal based martial art, created by Shaolin Master Mao Rong and popularized by the famous Master Huo  Yuanjia, who founded the Jingwu Gongfu Association (精武體育會) translated as “Elite Martial Athletic Association,” in Shanghai on July 7, 1910.

The Mizhongquan Combat Hand Sets, 2-Man Weapons Fighting Sets, and Fighting Forms originally taught to me by my Sifu included the following:

  • Practice Hand Fist
  • Small Advancing Fist
  • Eight Rungs on the Ladder to Heaven Form and Application
  • Crossing Bridge Form and Application
  • Five Big Tiger Form and Application
  • Five Small Tiger Form and Application
  • Leopard Fist Form and Application
  • Eighteen Hooking Crane Form and Application


The Mizhongquan Combat Weapon Sets, and 2-Man Weapons Fighting Forms originally taught to me by my Sifu included the following:

  • Twin Dagger Form and Application
  • Single Stick Form and Application
  • Double Stick Form and Application
  • Short Staff Form and Application
  • Long Staff Form and Application
  • Spear Form and Application
  • Gwan Dao Form and Application
  • Single Broad-Sword Form and Application
  • Double Broad-Sword Form and Application
  • Double-Edged Straight-Sword Form and Application


According to my teacher, Mizhongquan started at the end of the Tang Dynasty by a Buddhist monk named Mow Jung. Monk Mow Jung was said to have seen the Ni-Zung (a vicious ape like animal, known for its power and speed) fighting, and studied its movements and combat applications. He then combined these movements with his Shaolin training and created a new fighting system.

From the Monk Mow Jung, the fighting system was later handed down to Lu Kun Yi, who was noted for being an extremely powerful Qigong Master. It is said that Lu Kun Yi refused to accept students, however, his servant Yen Qing, who had previously learned some form of Shaolin, secretly watched the old master, and because of his diligent practice, became Lu Kun Yi’s only disciple.

Later, after Lu Kun Yi’s death, Yen Qing was forced to become a highway robber, and began teaching many people the Ni-Zung style of fighting. However, so as not to disgrace his teacher, he changed the name of the fighting system to Mi Zhong Quan (Secret Ancestral Fighting).

One of Lu Kun Yi disciples Mank Leung was also a highway robber. On occasion, while being chased by the authorities in the snowing mountains, Mank Leung walked backwards and erased his footprints with his hands so that the police would loose his trail. The technique was repeated so many times by Master Mank, that the people began calling Mank the master of the “Lost Track Style.”


Mizongquan Northern Shaolin Training

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Mizongquan Northern Shaolin Lineage

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